Sophisticated Vehicle Management

For full range of commercial and public applications

Make vehicle management simple, informed and automated with our sophisticated solutions for traffic management and analytics. Their exceptional quality and reliability are ensured by our proven vehicle recognition technologies, proprietary software, and experience in working with a large and varied client base across multiple industries and continents.



of images of number plates analysed daily across EU and APAC

10 Years

of developing leading vehicle monitoring solutions


with other systems API, rule-based alerts, remote control


of ANPR hardware and software into intuitive turnkey products


Our work starts with selecting the best hardware for the specific needs of your business, and pairing it with our flexible and powerful online software. Our team can customise or integrate the solution with other systems or devices, provide training and ongoing support to your employees. As a result, your business can rely on our products for vehicle management, automation and analytics 24/7, all year round regardless of changing seasons and weather conditions.

Public and private roads Shopping Centers Entertainment Venues Universities, Schools Hospitals Residential gated communities Commercial sites Hotels and Airports Local Councils Businesses premises

Trusted by hundreds of clients

““We’re very pleased with our system – it provides superb recognition rates day and night, rain or shine, even though at night-time the vehicle headlights are shining directly into the camera. The on-line portal is simple to use and very effective in allowing us to find the events and registration numbers in which we’re interested. Overall, we’re delighted with the system and its performance.””

Lee Barnard,
Senior IT Technician, Charterhouse School

“For 20 years people have been asking us to do something about speeding. We’ve now done it. We’ve got a ground breaking piece of equipment that will hopefully make the community safer. We can look at someone who has been serially speeding, and they’re the people we want to stop.”

Charles Pedrick, Rodborough Parish Council,
chairman of the Rodborough Road Safety Working Group

“Several companies came to survey the site but then said they simply couldn’t provide anything which could perform within constraints. But ANPRsolutions were different – they immediately said that yes, they could cope with our requirements and then went on to demonstrate this extremely well.”

Mike Sixsmith,
The Oratory School, South Oxfordshire

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