Community Crime Watch

Detect and deter criminality

Today many communities have to develop grassroots initiatives to keep their areas safe. Our solutions monitor vehicles entering and leaving their local area, constantly running cross-checks with blacklists and police databases. Because stolen vehicles are often used in the commission of other crimes, immediate alerts on such cars allow quickly identify them and take measures to contain criminals.


Pohutukawa Coast Crime Watch Patrol covers Whitford, Beachlands and Maraetai villages in Auckland, New Zealand to help keep them free from crime. Though city planners identified significant growth in these areas, other, larger parts of Auckland were deemed to be a first priority to channel crime prevention resources. This means that the Pohutukawa Coast community has had to come up with additional community driven initiatives to help keep their communities safe.


Since 2016 the Pohutukawa Coast Crime Watch Patrol has funded a series of intelligent cameras to monitor vehicles entering and leaving their local area. Vehicle number plates are cross-checked against a public stolen vehicle lists and, if a match is found, real-time text message alerts are automatically generated. The system has been used in murder investigations to link the offender to the scene of the crime.


Data from ANPR cameras allow police to quickly identify and contain targeted vehicles within the Pohutukawa Coast peninsula, improving police monitoring and apprehension results. Local police view this technology as “game changing.” Crime Watch Patrol chairman Wayne Gemell, who championed the program, believes the cameras are instrumental in helping Police prevent and reduce crime on the Pohutukawa Coast.


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