Customer Recognition

Improve security and automation

ANPR solutions can significantly improve safety and reduce theft in retail, such as drive-offs in in self-service gas stations. Our products also help to assess efficiency and increase productivity with automatic reporting, including number of customers per day, per hour, and time spent onsite statistics. Finally, we help businesses to build customer loyalty by immediately recognizing existing customers, and informing the staff in advance of their arrival. Happy customers are much more likely to come back and buy again.


Petrol station chain had a large number of drive-offs which significantly impacted their profit margins.  Enforcing prepayment of fuel annoys customers and limits retail opportunities so they needed another solution.


Eight pumps are now covered by four ANPR cameras. Vehicle arriving at a pump triggers an upload of image. Plate is extracted and forward to backend system, which provides data to POS tablet and pump mounted tablets.

Information on the vehicle and vehicle history is retrieved. Targeted advertising is displayed on pump display, while historical information is displayed on POS display. Drive-offs can be instantly registered and shared between the stations of the chain.


Daily drive off information captured and rapidly retrieved for the police. As a result, the number of drive offs on the petrol station chain reduced rapidly.


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Here is how ANPRsolutions helped a logistics operator to streamline efficiency and reduce expenses:


Logistics centers had contractual obligation to ensure timely turnaround of heavy vehicle loading. Slow turnaround added to driver fatigue and increased costs. Previously plates were manually noted with a high error margin.  Extracting of data on time spent onsite was slow and laborious.


Installed ANPR cameras to cover multiple transit points for different entrances and loading bays. Powerful back-end analytics automatically extracted and recorded all vehicle time spend in each area.


Full management reporting on vehicle onsite dwell time broken down by area. Compliance easily managed with clear proof points. Easy identification of all vehicles currently onsite.
Significant reduction in costs from over-billing by trucking companies claiming slow turnarounds.