Integrated Hardware and Software

Sophisticated Algorithms Behind Cutting Edge Cameras

Our ANPR solutions perform real time number plate recognition at slow and very fast traffic speeds. They support multiple simultaneous plate tracking, direction detection, advanced de-skew and yaw correction, character spacing validation and country of origin matching.

ANPRsolutions software is fully scalable from operating just one camera to aggregating information from multiple cameras, radars and emission sensors for real rime viewing and alerting via any internet connected device.


Camera: HD image quality, motorized zoom, high speed ANPR recognition, high range and pulsed IR lighting.
Software integration: Automated exchange of information via HTTP, TCP/IP and JSON messages triggered by event criteria.
Secure network: Optional communications module (3G/4G/WiFi WAN/LAN) with full VPN security, cloud based device control.
Workflow and device control: Device configuration for flexible communication to any IP device. Control of LED signage, gates, speakers, IP cameras via multiple criteria.
ANPR support: UK, US, Ireland, European, Australian and NZ plate recognition. Format / state / country preference. Programmable syntax. Inbuilt training.
Exports, reports and privacy: PDF/CSV exports by date range or any search criteria. Full search archives.
Variable data retention periods for META data and images.

ANPRsolutions in action


Access automation and improving security in construction sites are a popular application for ANPR.
Here is a deep dive on how we helped a construction company to prevent thefts.

Repeated after hours thefts of material on a construction site.

Technology used
M15 dual lens LPF/Colour L160 + Raytec Vario I4 + ANPRonline.Net(tm) cloud based software + I/O box + Flashing alarm light + Flood lights
All vehicles are recorded in and out and checked against access lists.
Unknown vehicles after hours trigger an instant alert to security company and triggers the alarm light and flood lights (if night).
Known vehicles trigger the flood lights (if night).

Vehicles being used in the thefts were identified within two weeks of installation.
This included outsiders and daytime staff.
Other vehicles using the area for drag racing were also identified.